Ananda Jacobs

Ananda graduated at age 21 with high honors from the University of Southern California, where she received a double degree in psychology and music. While at university, Ananda was a member of over 12 academic honor societies and was a Renaissance Scholar and an Engineering Merit Research Scholar, having first majored in aerospace engineering. She created, produced, and composed for the Experimental Music Showcase at USC, and after graduation sang and wrote music in a rock band while composing electronic music in other projects.

In 2005 Ananda was invited to pursue a PhD in cognitive neuroscience at UCLA, Northwestern, Cornell, and the University of Maryland. However, she instead moved to Tokyo, and started her career there as a model and actor. She has appeared in commercials for Nissin Cup Noodle, Kirin Honshibori, McDonalds, Toyota, Kanebo, and Sony, among others. She was a regular on NHK’s EiEiGO as “Lucy” and on Corpus 100 de Eikaiwa, and had recurring roles in dramas Massan, Beppin-san, and Yae no Sakura. She also appeared in feature films Thermae Romae, Equals, and Hijoshi Zukan as well as independent shorts, and was the lead actor in Otona Keikaku’s stage production of Welcome Nippon. As a voice actor and motion capture actor she has worked on several games including Pokemon, Tekken, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, and Metal Gear, and was the face model for Zoe in Resident Evil 7. She has narrated commercials for Biore, Kose, Uniqlo, and sung in commercials for Wacoal, Parco, and Yamaha (for which she also composed lyrics). Ananda also voices a cartoon version of herself in the children’s DVD series Mebae Okeiko Book, for which she also composed and produced an original children’s song. She also voiced a toy character for Fridgeezoo and composed and performed the theme song for its promotion videos.

In 2016 Ananda’s original music “Always You” was featured in a Matsuya Ginza promotion video, and in 2017 was used in designer Rira Sugawara’s fashion show at London Fashion Week. The song was released in an EP with her band Jacobs in 2014.

As a songwriter and music producer, Ananda creates music for her own projects at her home studio where she arranges and programs all instrumental parts and layers her vocals on top. Though she has experience with clarinet and keyboards and also dabbles in theremin, bass, and guitar, she primarily uses her computer to compose and produce music.




自宅スタジオで、Jacobs や他のプロジェクトの作曲、プロデュースをしています。